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Pioneer Certificates

The Livingston County Genealogical Society offers Pioneer Certificates, which are suitable for framing, to eligible persons directly descended from a Livingston County resident of 1880 or earlier.


  • The applicant must directly descend from an ancestor who resided in Livingston County on or before 31 December 1880.
  • The applicant must be able to prove descent from the ancestor (male or female) by an official record or records for each generation, including proof for the applicant.
  • Current Livingston County residency is not required.
  • Eligibility shall be determined by a committee appointed by Livingston County Genealogical Society whose decision shall be final.

Please mail your request and photocopied proof of descent along with a $7.50 check or money order payable to Livingston County Genealogical Society (LCGS) to:

Pioneer Certificate Project – LCGS
P.O. Box 1073
Howell, MI 48844-1073

COMING SOON – Printable application form and instructions

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